R A Shah

Advisor – Trent Limited

Associated with Trent from 1998 Shah is a B. E. (Electrical) professional with over 34 years of work experience in diverse fields. His previous experience included services in Khatau Mills and Lakme.During his tenure in Lakme, he contributed to enhance productivity of company through various improvement initiatives like value engineering and cost efficiency projects.

He has been heading the Property & Projects Department for over decade now at Trent. He has been involved in strategic role of developing a healthy streamline of properties for various formats of the company. His simple and yet very effective way of identifying the best property has always ensured organizational alignment and success.

As the organized retail story is unfolding in the country with leading international retailers vying for a good quality retail space in the country the relationship with developers plays a significant role in the company’s growth. Mr. Shah has been the instrumental figure in signing more than a 1.5 Million sq. ft. of Retail space across all Trent formats highlights his passion and commitment for the retail business. That also exhibits his strong reputation with leading developers of the country.

He also heads the Projects department which involves setting up new stores for different formats like Westside; Landmark; Sports Zone and Lakeland.

With his experience comes the efficiency in building up of the stores which is the projects. He has been involved in coming up with innovative ways to not to give the quality but managing the cost at the same time. This aspect also involves completing project work in record time to give business a heads up over competition.

His department keeps a track of the associated cost with property and projects and works on different alternatives to keep the investment optimized.

With the growing energy cost it has become one of the critical factors in running of the store. He is instrumental in driving energy saving initiatives in Organization.

In personal life Shah is happy going and energetic person. He has been always loved in company for his wittiness and never ending enthusiasm.