Saumya Krishna

Principal, A.T. Kearney India

Saumya is a Principal at A.T. Kearney and specializes in large scale transformation for consumer centric businesses. Sought after in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, she has advised 4 of the Top 10 global consumer goods & pharmaceutical organizations. Saumya is an inspirational leader and a role model for young consultants. Her professional expertise, high entrepreneurial spirit, willingness to take on new challenges is an infectious source of inspiration.

Saumya creates deep client impact and builds meaningful relationships across levels in organizations. This approach has helped her execute complex change management exercises and deliver strong results for her clients. She is passionately invested in the success of her clients leading to strong personal recall and multi-year engagements.

When she was barely 30, Saumya was rated amongst the Top 10 leaders globally, at A.T. Kearney. Her lean-in style of leadership, dogged focus on work-life balance has earned her a distinct badge with junior consultants. Having championed flexible working models, she has coached colleagues into successfully transitioning in and out of part time work and helped project leads setup flexible teams for success

Saumya leads the Women Consulting Network in India (and is the longest serving woman in the unit). Through this platform she has inspired many young women in their professional journeys, has been instrumental in helping the firm groom women colleagues and has also pushed this cause with clients.

Saumya has also been a great institution builder, taking on new challenges. As a young consultant Saumya co-founded the CSR unit of A.T. Kearney India – Unnati, now one of the largest chapters across the firm globally. She has inspired hundreds of colleagues to give back to society over the last 10 years, impacting scores of underprivileged students. The platform has created sustainable impact.

Her eclectic interests bring a unique flavor to her leadership style. Based out of a small village outside Dehradun, she is an advocate of building self-sustaining micro communities and has taken it upon herself to build one around her village. A part time artist and passionate dog trainer, she now employs 2 villagers in her micro-enterprise.